Are you a Victim to a Binary Options Scam? Get Your Money Back through Chargeback

Have you ever been fallen victim to binary options scam? For a significant number of people, binary options scam is resulting in unpleasant situations. There are more initiatives are taken to help the victims to recover their lost money through a scam.

The Chargeback Process

The process of chargeback includes canceling your credit card transaction and obtaining charge by filing an initial request with the bank that has issued the credit card. It is the most straightforward process available to get back your money you’ve lost to binary options scam. The initial request to the bank can be made on two conditions,

  • The customer did not authorize the transaction
  • The transaction made for the goods and services that were not delivered as promised

If your credit card was stolen or you didn’t allow the purchase or transaction made, then your request for a chargeback is approved. Your credit card account will be credited the full amount of the transaction in a few days.


MyChargeBack, an American company headquartered in New York has been helping international clients based in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and more with a proven strategy to get back their money after binary options scams.

How Do They Work?

The professionals at MyChargeBack provide effective fund recovery strategies to recover funds after a binary options fraud. Their fund recovery process involves several stages.

  • The experts review all your documentation, and this can take up to two weeks.
  • They help you prepare a detailed initial request that you can submit to your bank.
  • Since the professionals have a thorough understanding of binary options scam, they will speak to your bank and explain why you are entitled to a chargeback.
  • They will keep track of your request for the refund and even appeal to the banking industry oversight agency if it’s required.

Fund Recovery Plans

Case Builder Chargeback Program

Case builder chargeback program is applicable for transactions made under $5000 using credit or debit cards.

Advanced Assistance Chargeback Program

Advanced assistance chargeback program is designed to recover fund transactions of $5000 or more using credit or debit cards.

Wire Transfer Recall Program

Wire transfer recall program is applicable for all transactions that are paid by wire.

Legal Assistance

MyChargeBack provides legal assistance program for transactions that don’t come under the terms of agreement set by credit or debit card policies.

Recovering your investment is the priority if you’ve been a victim of binary options fraud.  MyChargeBack provides their customer with a proven way to fight back the money and maximize your chances to recover the investment through fund recovery solutions.

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