All about Custom Shipping Crates!

You may be anxious about any potential damages to your valuable properties while packing and shipping. Choosing the right packaging container is one of the most vital decisions in shipping. Wood-based containers are most popular nowadays and are known to be one of the best materials for packaging. These self-supporting structures are the ideal choice for shipping various products that are extremely heavy, lightweight or fragile. ISPM certified shipping crates is a shipping container that is made of wood used typically to transport heavy or awkward items while planning to transport commodities. Most companies consider the nature of the commodity, the shipping conditions and the cost of transportation. The custom crates are easy to design and requires simple procedures and tools.

Why is Protective Packaging Necessary to Ship Products?

While your company is ideal and the receiver of your goods is ready to confirm with your storage recommendation, shipments are vulnerable to a range of harsh and potentially damaging conditions. No matter if they are moved by air or land, below are some of the most common hazards for why you need proper packaging.

Shock: Shock is a single instance of impact at the sides, corners or any part of the shipment. This unavoidable incident may happen for a variety of reasons. Your packaging should be sufficiently thick and impact free.

Vibrations: Different shipping creates different vibration issues. Vibrations are common and likely unavoidable. Continuous vibration may lead to loosening your products within the packaging resulting in damage over the journey.

When you are concerned with the integrity of the product, plan wisely and always go for the best custom shipping crates for shipping your products. Simply they are the best!

Why are Custom Crates a Good Choice?

Most of the shipping crates are made of plywood. Though this seems like pretty common sort of material, it is really an impressive advancement in Engineering. Plywood, also known as engineered wood, augments the natural strength and durability of wood. It is moisture resistant and less likely to split when nailed. Besides being a great material for shipping, it can also be customized easily with metal.

What are the Advantages of Using Custom Crates for Shipping?

Despite serving a lot of purposes, the custom crates have many other advantages.

  1. They can be manufactured and repaired locally.
  2. They offer good ventilation.
  3. Wooden crates are entirely natural which will reduce their effect on the environment.
  4. They are relatively resistant to changing weather conditions.
  5. They offer added security and protection.
  6. They can ship fragile and valuable items.
  7. They are reusable and can withstand great vertical pressure when stacked correctly.

Custom crates are designed to meet all export and domestic needs. They serve as a great option for packaging keeping the goods safe until they are delivered.

What are the Things a Crate Cannot Shift?

There are certain products that must not be shipped with crates without consulting with the manufacturer including,

  • Fuel, oils and other vehicle liquids
  • Propane and natural gas
  • Aerosol can
  • Varnish, paint thinner, paint, fingernail polish
  • Cleaning chemicals, matches and fireworks
  • Explosive and loaded firearms

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