Stepping Into The Dynamic Job Market

You will commonly hear well-educated graduates wandering aimlessly and in hot pursuit of a well-deserved job that fits their educational qualifications and standards. Saturation in the job market makes it all the more difficult for struggling fresh graduates to secure a stable job. However, there are certain prerequisites which, when fulfilled, can guarantee you a job with all the economical and situational aspects in mind. Just like businesses aim to increase ROI, similarly, recent graduates are on the constant lookout to recover the time and money they have invested in all these years of academics and career building. However, there are certain things that you need to be aware of before you enter the corporate world:

1. Explore yourself
Your self-concept matters the most. What you think about yourself will ultimately be portrayed to the world. You will emerge as a self-confident individual if you believe in yourself and do not harbor any qualms regarding your capability to achieve the best that you can. Carry out a SWOT analysis of your personality and be well-equipped with knowledge about yourself and the market scenario. You can rely on your parents to help you with identifying your career goals to some extent, as they know you inside out. Identify which field interests you and will keep you motivated. Assess yourself from time to time and re-evaluate the job opportunities that relate to your major. Opt for options that are promising and provide an opportunity for growth and match your current skills set.

2. Stand out from the rest
Your USP is what sells you. Pride on your qualities that set you apart from the rest. While the degree in hand and the institution from which you have graduated does wonder to your CV and corporate image, it is up to you how you distinguish yourself from the majority of the job seekers out there.

3. Show interest and prove your mettle
The field of business or employer that you may be targeting should feel that you are pursuing that specific job not just for the sake of it but out of sheer interest and commitment. If the employer feels that you fit the job description and specifications and have the necessary soft skills to do justice to it, you are sure to be hired. To prove your mettle and worth in the first place, you can show personal interest by visiting the firm to hand in the CV, take an interest in knowing about their company and take up ventures in similar fields. This may even mean lowering your salary expectations.

4. Build up your credibility
Gain first-hand experience of the corporate world by signing up for internships, enthusiastically availing volunteering opportunities and working for NGOs. Working for free does not mean you do not value yourself but it helps you to look for ways to save money and exudes passion and dedication. The certifications of acknowledgement and appreciation build up your credibility in the market.

5. Win in your job hunt by tapping the hidden market
A survey of the job market will give you a holistic view of what you are signing up for. Knowing the industry trends and adjusting your future preparations according to the job market will help you take advantage of the emerging possibilities. The majority of the jobs available are not even marketed and are usually obtained via other methods like speculative applications, referrals, walk-in-interviews, word-of-mouth, and networking. This is where the hidden job market becomes active and delivers more than your expectations. Experts estimate that more than 60% of jobs are never actually publicized and marketed.

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