7 Tips on Saving Money in Air Conditioning Installation

What comes to mind immediately you think of improving your home? Most likely air conditioning and proper indoor air quality (IAG) have instantly popped up. Well, a study by Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) found that over 87% of homeowners experience problems with their HVAC systems.
This being an expensive system to install and repair, it can drain your savings. Indeed, the U.S EPA reckons over 70% of energy consumed in households goes to heating and cooling. How then can you save some money on servicing these systems and still maintain perfect environment at your home? Take a look:

1. Buy a Versatile HVAC Unit

Days when heating, cooling, ventilation and air purification required different appliances are long gone because you can now install a single system that does all these. Such a unit is more energy efficient as opposed to having various appliances consuming power from the plug.

2. Leverage Energy Efficient Unit

ENERGYSTAR® rating on heating, ventilation and air conditioning units is one of the best ways to save in home improvement. Such systems are built with energy saving in mind and more importantly, they help to conserve the environment by reducing energy production through fossil fuel extraction. You not only save on your energy consumption but also help wanton environmental degradation.

3. Capitalize on Professional Maintenance

EPA says that an optimally performing HVAC can help you save energy consumption by over 73%. The whole argument pegs on the high energy levels required to power a malfunctioning unit. With clogged air filters for instance, a lot of power will be required to extract heat and bring in cool air during summer.
With regular repairs and maintenance by a professional contractor your system will always be in tip top condition which in turn translates cost-efficiency. It is thus important to pick a reputable, established, registered, licensed and insured HVAC service to avoid burning a hole in your pocket.

4. Top Branded Appliances

Before installing your air conditioning system, make sure you are buying from a reputable brand. Such products feature highly in all reviews and they come with warranty and service plans. The beauty of buying such a system is the fact that you will not have to worry about regular breakdowns which can ruin your finances.

5. Carry an Energy Audit

It is very important to know how much energy you are consuming in order to make the right adjustments. Again, this calls for a professional contractor in your city to carry out such an enquiry and propose solutions. While some remedies are easy to implement, others involve difficult renovations and replacement of the HVAC unit.

6. Get Big on Energy Saving Trends

Now that you appreciate the amount of energy your air conditioning system uses, it behooves on you to leverage new technology and innovations in energy saving. For instance, installation of a thermostat and timer among other gadgets has been found to reduce wastage of power.
At a glance it might seem that such solutions are costly but you will find out that there are lots of cost benefits to reap. Other lifestyle changes such as opening windows during summer also help in saving money.

7. Comparison is the Name of the Game

Before buying any air conditioning and ventilation system, make sure you do a comparative study of alternatives available. This involves a lot of dedicated research but at the end of the day, you will be able to smile at the savings you made.
Who said air conditioning has to be expensive? It all boils down to using professionals and researching on what the industry has to offer. Not rocket science really, is it?

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