7 Qualities Every Accountant in Maroubra must have

An accountant has the power to make a difference in any business. Any good accountant in Maroubra must have precision and good attention-to-detail. Accounting is so detail-oriented to an extent that overseeing a minute element can bring in adverse consequences to the financial health of your company. Good accountants should possess certain characteristics that will make them perfect for your business. Here are 7 traits explained as under:


Obviously, the very first quality any accountant must have is to be knowledgeable about the accounting theories and rules. Such accountants will also remain updated with the latest changes and modifications brought in to the industry’s general accepted accounting principles or GAAP, alongside any changes introduced to the tax laws.

Detail Oriented and Precise:

Perhaps, the most important trait any tax accountant should have is being precise and correct with the numbers. As mentioned earlier, even the slightest of inaccuracies could lead to a domino effect on the accounting books, your decisions with regards to the financial aspects, and eventually the financial health of your business.

Structured and Organised:

Good organisational skills are essential when it comes to paperwork, numbers and data. Staying organised can save much of their time and energy because they get to access the required information as fast as possible. Maintaining a proper structure can save your energy and resources required to research and analyse the relevant information.

Client Focused:

So, good Maroubra accountants should just be comfortable with the numbers? Certainly not! They must have the ability to understand the requirements of their clients, analyse their type of business and the goals they are aiming to achieve, while also figuring out the type of economic method or the accounting rule to be implemented to fulfil such objectives.


Accountants should also be accountable for what they do. Accountants will exactly know what the outcome of their actions will turn out to be. Making errors is only human and it’s no shame in admitting you’ve made such mistakes. As long as the mistakes aren’t intentional and are not repeated often, any inaccuracies are worth forgiving.


Any information that an accountant works with will be kept confidential, unless needed otherwise. This is a matter of professionalism good accountants will always comply with. Being trustworthy and earning a good reputation as a result will win them more clients down the road.

Great Communication Skills:

The ability to convey and make clients grasp the technical concepts and jargons of accounting is what a good accountant will have. Good communication skills is a quality that will help accountants interact with their clients easily, share the ideas clearly and create success in the future.

Are you looking for tax accountants in Maroubra? Make note of these qualities mentioned above and get in touch with a professional today.

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