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The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.

… is the Quote that impressed me

Paulo Coelho, William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

… are the Authors that inspire me

Research, Invention, Photography, Star Gazing, Creative Writing, Journals, Designing, Gaming.

… summarizes my passion in life

Brief Info about Johny Livinston +

Business Development Executive, WhiteDigital

I’m a technology nerd by profession, and have also steered my vision on business aspects with a quenching passion on business facets. I have a Master’s in Software Engineering with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering. As an added advantage for my career, I’m pursuing Master of Business Administration in International Business. At extant, I’m integrated into WhiteLake Technology solutions, India, as a Business Development Executive. Digital Marketing, a whole new dimension in business, and that’s where I have made my stance. Little did I know about these, but I’m certain that I am at the right destination. Each day in my life has become more challenging with no end to constant learning. My sole passion is to try out new things, exclusively in the case of software and hardware technology, thus making me eligible to take up any task that knocks at my doorsteps.

Well, to say about my other personal traits, I just love the way I am, and I’m always thankful to God for everything that He hath given unto me. It’s the Lord who made me who I am today. I love to be unique, and tend to stay away from people who devalue or deteriorate my life in anyway. I dive in to take quality risks, with a concrete hope that’s instilled within me. What I am now is no mirage, but the hope I believed in. I’m a pedantic intellectual with exemplary tactics ruled by perfection and simplicity. I’m more of a nature lover who falls for cats, dogs, birds, fishes, plants, flowers, etc., and I’m an endless admirer of artifacts, statues, home decor, etc. I love gazing upon the mountains, rivers, lakes, seas, skies, stars, etc.


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